Mrauk U



Mrauk U, located in the Rakhine State. This is the place something like Bagan but it’s more interesting. It is not as commercial as Bagan and still away from the mass tourism. If you’d like to avoid the crowd, well this must be the place you should go. The monuments were built around 15th century AD, massive and impressive. The buildings built not only for the worship but seems also for hiding when the war happens. The principle monuments are located in west and east of Mrauk U. Some are close enough to walk from where you’ll be staying, and suggested only for morning and evening as the midday is hot. Don’t want to walk, you can rent bicycle or horse cart nearby. You also shouldn’t miss to do the popular half-day excursion to the Chin Villages on Lemro River where there’re women who has tattoo on their face (spider web designs). Going to Mrauk U, you’ll have to fly to Sittwe, at the mouth of the Kaladan River, the most popular access point from where you can take the private/scheduled boat to Mrauk U, and by road as well. For further details and tailor-made programs, please contact Santa Maria!


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