Inn Daw Gyi, the biggest lake in Myanmar!





Inn Daw Gyi, located in Mohnin township in the Kachin state of Myanmar. The biggest lake in the country and the best place for bird watching both resident and migrated ones.  I myself was there to find the Sarus Crane with a friend from Singapore, and we saw more than 20. This is also the main part of Inn Daw Gyi wildlife sanctuary.The lake measures about 8 mils from east to the east, and 16 miles from north to the south. There’re over 20 villages around the lake. Lone Tone, the only village where there’re two simple guest houses for tourists namely Inn Daw Tha (II) and Inn Daw Maha. Actually, Inn Daw Thar (II) owned by the military, is the best one for tourists since the room are bathroom attached. This one’s always booked up as they have only three rooms. So, Inn Daw Maha is the second choice and they also have only eight rooms but not bathroom attached – common bathrooms (one is Western type and one is Asian squat type) . If you don’t mind the common bathroom, I would choose this one as it is perched right on the lake. What if these two are booked up! Well, you can do homestay though it’s not officially allowed and even better since this is a part of CBT (Community Based Tourism) project. The most highlights around the lake are Nat Mi Laung village where there’s an ancient monastery and the Buddha made out of rattan, and Loi Mon village with background history of lake, and Nyaung Pin village for lunch stop. Next visit is Shwe Taung (Golden Hill), the best place to see the view of the lake. On the way back to Lone Tone, Shwe Myint Zu Pagoda is a ‘must’ place to stop to enjoy the beautiful sunset. If you have another day, you can do kayaking, trekking and cyclying as well. How to get there! You can fly to Myitkyina either from Yangon or Mandalay, and take the private car to Lone Tone village about five hours. Or take about 5 hours train to Ho Pin, a small town where there’re trucks that go to Lone Tone village. There’re also trains between Mandalay and Hopin, about 18 hours.


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