The ancient ruins of Kakku

Kakku, this is the interesting ruined pagodas complex which is  33 miles away from Taunggyi, the capital of Southern Shan State. You’ll need to pick up the compulsory Pao guide at PNO (Pao National Organization) Office in Taunggyi as it is in the territory of Pao people.  The drive is about one and half hour from Taunggyi and you will see the beautiful farms of Garlic, Onion, Potatoes, Cabbage, Taro and Sesame along the road. On the way, you can also stop by Pao villages and learn their life as well. Actually, the ruins are over 2000 in number, and supposed to have been built since 16th century AD. Unfortunately, the top of ruins which is called ‘Hti’, the multi-tiered umbrella-like feature, were cut down by recent gale-force winds. The renovation needs to be done, of course before the situation is getting worse. In Buddhist way, the one who do the renovation will gain great merit. So, now is the time to gain merit. Why not you go there?



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