Loikaw and Kayah State

Introducing Kayah State (Loikaw and Deemawso)

The Kayah State may have been named after the major ethnic group in the region – the Kayah people. However, the area is known to the outside world as the “Land of Kayans” or more publicly known as (or disrespectfully) giraffe women or the Padaung longneck. In addition to the popular Kayans, there may be a dozens of minority groups including more popular Kayaw and Kayah are dwelling in the valleys around capital Loikaw and Deemawso township and on the hill ranges covered with almost impenetrable lush green forests – the home of armed struggles against Burmese army. The areas outside Loikaw are still restricted to travel due to the presence of landmines and fragile peace agreement conditions while many places are slowly opening up to explore with a special permission from the state government.
There are comfortable hotels in Loikaw and accessibility is improving as there will be three direct flights a week between Yangon and Loikaw on Air KBZ from May to September 2016. In addition to the private car journeys between Loikaw and Nyaungshwe/Inle Lake or Kalaw, there is a day train service from/to Aungban. The boat ride to Inle Lake through Sagar ancient ruins from Hpe Khon, the town on the western shore of Moe Bye Dam, about 1.5hrs drive from Loikaw, is also another popular option to travel.
Santa Maria has tailor-made trips to Loikaw. Please contact us for more information and start planning a trip to this emerging destination.

Here is the a short video clip by Max Kerkhoff on ‪#‎Loikaw‬ ‪#‎Kayah‬ State. This film is the winner of 2016 ITB Golden City Gate Awards – https://youtu.be/Dtkdyi4toe0


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