Golden Rock

Kyaik Hti Yo, a sacred Pagoda for all Buddhist in Myanmar, and amazing site where the pagoda stands at the edge of the rock, and about to fall down.


The ancient ruins of Kakku

Unfortunately, the top of ruins which is called ‘Hti’, the multi-tiered umbrella-like feature, were cut down by recent gale-force winds.

Loikaw and Kayah State

Loikaw and Kayah State – a newly opened and untapped travel destination just south of Inle Lake

Paungdaw Oo Pagoda Festival

This exciting religious procession on the water with unique leg-rowing festive boats, traditional music and dances, and boat races takes place at outrageously beautiful Inle Lake. A truly distinctive, around three weeks festival is worth to be experienced.

The Pan Pet Kayan Community

You’ve heard about Padaung Longneck women from a friend or seen their images on postcards or on world wide web but never wanted to see them because of human-zoo-like fabrications. At least this post will help you get lowdown on the untapped destination…